Pinkberry Visit

Its just one of those times when walking around Avenues I had the craving for Pinkberry. It was early afternoon on Friday and there were just a few people in line, not the ridiculous lines of later in the evening. So again I decided that its ok to have some on one day, not to mess up my eating habits and at least satisfy myself a bit. Such a simple concept of yogurt ice cream with a mix of toppings, I just wanted my original small, just that amount is very satisfying.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Now u got me craving for it.. :( i could never take a decent shot of my pinkberry there will always be a bite before shot :D

  2. I had some Sunday night. I went after 10pm and there was a LONG line. I think I waited maybe 15 minutes. The pomegranate with raspberries and granola is very tasty. But frankly, I doubt I’ll go again if there’s a line like that. Yeah it’s good but it’s not THAT good malait wana an6ur.

  3. Its very healthy and fat free so dont feel bad about it :-D bel3afia ZouQ

  4. Yabeeelaaa!! Pinkberry :D

  5. Fonzie

    Tastes great every single time !

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