Corner Slip

This guy is enjoying his ride around the hills, looking at those curves I would be doing the same thing, but the what was waiting for him at the end was a surprise. That Kawasaki was craving for more curves and the guy was enjoying it, but he had a little crash just in front of the CHP (California Highway Police). From his surprise he grabbed a handful of brake and low sided that machine right in front of him. You can tell he wasn’t expecting that around the corner, they always tuck around the corners to catch people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol, I bet that left a skid mark somewhere ;-)

  2. i saw that clip couple of days back and i blame the police for it!!!

  3. poor guy, I was riding in Nandi Hills once the exact same thing happened to the guy riding in front of me. Getting surprised around a corner is no laughing matter. Thank god for leathers :)

  4. Nolan Gaudreau

    In my opinion, that cop is mostly to blame for that accident.

  5. If I was place of that biker I would literally play dead.. after an accident like that, CHP will make it a living hell even if its not your fault!

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