Banyan Tree Terminates Bahrain Resort With Immediate Effect


Now this came as a shocker, I wasn’t expecting the Banyan Tree Bahrain to be shutdown. From this letter it looks like that they really are serious about terminating the contract. I’m not sure what was breached in the contract or what violations led to this but I’m curious about it. This is very sad since we stayed in this hotel twice for GulfRun 4 and GulfRun 5, perfectly close to the track and very good service in that environment. Now looks like Banyan Tree is taking legal action against Al Areen for their breach of contract and actions, click the image above for the full letter that was sent out.

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  1. Will that affect the Banyan Tree spa in Kuwait or is it a different sponsor here?

  2. Eye Patch

    hey dont worry the hotel will not be closed.. its just a lil drama over terminating the contract. The hotel has been renamed to “Al Areen Palace & Spa Hotel(Ex-Banyan Tree Al Areen)”

    This is pretty normal in hotel business.. management keep changing so does the name.

  3. Wow, the letter is harsh. Al Areen must have really pissed off the Banyan Tree in order for it to get to this!

  4. I’m sure Al Areen did their fair share of ‘breaching’ but this letter shows an immature attitude from Banyan Tree! I don’t know anything else about the story – but I find the letter more personal than professional.

    Is this genuine, for sure?

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