Over the last week I have gotten ridiculous urges to eat things, and items I don’t usually care about. I have been wanting cake, a lot of cake, triple chocolate layer cake from Candies in Shuweikh. Or the cake tube with the ice cream inside of it, I would overdose on that cake, eat at least 1/4 of that tube and pass out on the couch while watching some tv.

These strange urges have been popping up often, when we went to the cinema the smell of popcorn got me hungry for popcorn. But luckily I know that the popcorn at KNCC tastes bad so I just avoided that, then there was the YanYan, the breadsticks with the chocolate dip, that looked really good but I resisted. Then there was the Krispy Kream just outside of the cinema in 360 which smelt so good, I could eat a dozen glazed doughnuts like they were chips. At Meat Co I had a mixed salad and 300g Rib Eye steak, it was perfect, except I wanted to eat more riblets and a little bit more food but I managed to stick to what I ordered which was just enough. All these cravings have been popping up but I have managed to resist the best of them. Surprisingly with this change in portions and diet, the best mushroom soup and salad I have had yet is in Ninos Avenues.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. b829

    oh, its that time of the month

  2. maryam

    Nino has the best salads LOVE ’em :D

  3. For all you know we could be all in the background laying odds & betting “When’s Margoog’s cracking moment”. I’d hate to lose my 10 bucks but I’d love to see you prove us wrong :P

    Keep it up

  4. awwww! Its because you are thinking about food when you’re dieting but really good you resisted, and I am shocked, happy but shocked!

    I have been posting about different mushroom soups in different restaurants in Kuwait! Gotta try Nino’s! Last time I tried was… well, I cant even remember hehehe

  5. dude that’s normal, thinking about food when dieting is very normal. last week i was craving out all of the things you can crave this:

    i was craving the ‘fresh out of the factory’ kind but i wouldn’t have said no to a rock slid one too.
    how the weight lost progressing ?

  6. @b829 – Never knew there was time to be hungry ;)

    @Zed – When was the last time you went on a diet? lol

    @maryam – Agreed! Best Salads!

    @Miss Good Egg – Margooog! Shakhbaareee! hehehe! I got a goal I’m aiming for! So I’m crossing my fingers! hehehe!

    @Ansam – Ninos is awesome! And i’m holding on! hehehe!

    @Q80thug – Going decently well, I’m dropping weight at a consistent rate between 1 to 1.5 KGs per week, there was one week where I dropped 2 KG. Its working but I know I have to stick to the process in the long run!

  7. jewaira

    that was funny!

  8. Do not feel bad about that. It’s natural. There are times when food rises as a sudden interest out of nowhere. After all, why not: there’s nothing as satisfying as food, Lol!

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