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The Secret Life Of Toys

Being a huge Star Wars fan these pictures tell a story, I loved every one of them. Photographs such these bring real feel to these models, bathroom one is a classic. These close ups must have been done with a Macro Lens and they are fantastic. A simple idea telling a great story, your toys are alive.

This particular series features Star Wars characters who have been hit hard by the recession. I hope the stimulus plan reaches the Death Star!

Link: BeautifulDecay


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    WOW cool!

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    way cool!!!
    I follow your blog all the time. And open up and find my own work in here is really coo!

    glad you like my artwork, enjoy.
    and stop by my sites for more fun images
    twitter: @toyslife

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    Ansam: Very!

    Mark: You have an amazing eye for all this work. Its seriously fantastic! I’m looking forward to more pictures up online! Loved all the images!

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    WOW!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!

    Mark: keep up the great work man!


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