Breaking 99


The first stage of losing weight was breaking the 99 KG goal, and now I can say I have broken that point. I have managed to drop about 7 KG over the course of 5 weeks, since I started this the first week of march. I’m not starving myself but I really cut back on the quantities that I’m eating, and I do eat healthy in between. The best part about all this is my bike gear is fitting me again, still got some ways to go but it was an improvement over breathing in and holding to close the jacket, its still a bit tight but a lot better then before.

I’m not counting calories or working out yet, just sticking to water and healthier food then usual. Eating smaller portions then usual helps a lot, you can walk away from the table feeling light, that you are able to get some work done. I eat my muchboos and other items but in smaller portions so I can enjoy the taste without having to eat to the point of passing out. I have mostly cut out fast food without realizing it, and sticking to water only is easy as long as I’m in the movies. I have gone to a few restaurants that I prefer their food when eating light because its tasty and you feel satisfied.


  • Rocca Salad
  • Mushroom Soup


  • Turkey Sandwich


  • Maki Marina Salad
  • Issa Maki

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Omali

    Good for u!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!

  2. BlackTulip

    Good morning .., Glad you broke the 99 ,, it’s a huge and disturbing milestone .. mashalla ..

    A question .. what if 5 weeks ago , you started to eat that food ( what you just mentioned ) ,, healthy and smaller portions!!

  3. Thats really great!! I’d give my left leg to loose 7 kilos hahaha but that wouldn’t be practical !!!

  4. Zaid

    congrats on losing the weight! next step is to start proactively getting into your diet (if you want to take that approach). I basically walked through the shoes you are in now where for the first couple of months, lost about 8-9 kg’s just by eating “better”. The next step I took was to focus on including cardiovascular exercises into my lifestyle. Even if it’s 25 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical daily, it really does take you to the next level ( i started doing cardio exercises along with a diet in the first week of jan and from then i lost about another 6 kg’s). Now i had just started incorporating resistance training into my lifestyle, and it basically helped me overtake the plateau I was previously in for a month. It take’s A LOT of patience and hard work, but definitely pays off in the end. Good luck with your life adjustments and please keep updating us!!

  5. maryam

    LOL @ “eat to the point of passing out”.

    Hard loosing weight, harder keeping it off.

    Keep it up man :)

  6. it feels really good to loose wt.
    i was doing the same as u did and i went down from 110 to 97 kg in 3 months. it is really great way.
    and u get used to the new way of eating.
    good luck man and see u at the 90 line ;)

  7. Bader

    Great work Man. I know how you feel. It was a turning piont in my life when I dropped to double digits. Keep it up.

  8. why don’t you try cryzto? its similar to issa maki but way yummmier

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