Ducati Monster 796

The 2011 Monster 796 has been approved and moving forward, and it is meant to fill in the gap between the 1100 and 696, the Monster being the bread and butter of Ducait want to maximize their return on the new Monster. Its a capable machine with a fresh ride to it, has optional ABS brakes and features the same single side swingarm as the 1100 and a bit taller then 696. It uses the same 796 cc engine which is used in the Hypermotard 796 pumping out 87 bhp and it only weighs 368lbs or 166 kgs. I for one like the look of the new Monster and this one sits right in perfectly between the two models.

Expected to be available from late April, the Ducati Monster 796 is available in the traditional Ducati Red, Arctic White, or Diamond Black Silk. All the colors of the bike will feature a red trellis frame and black wheels. European pricing is set at €8990/$9,995/£6,995

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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  1. nilson

    its useless to be honest… 1 pound in difference in torque between it and the 696… I asked about it and to spend it on a 696 its better because its the same except its a bit taller i would put it on a hypermotard. The same engine displacement as the 696 or what do you think?

  2. Hey how come the bike is balancing on its own in the first pic?

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