XBow in Kuwiat @ Bike World

Got a call from BikeWorld that they have a surprise waiting in their showroom, I had an inkling but wasn’t sure. I headed straight over only to find the beast sitting on the showroom floor, the infamous KTM X-Bow right in front of me. I was impressed when I first saw this machine on the track during GulfRun 5, but seeing it again made my heart skip a beat. Luckily this machine is also fully street legal, so you can drive on it on the streets but I would prefer to drive it on the track. Words can only describe the ferocity of the machine, powered by Audi 2.0 liter turbo FSI four it can fly down the road since its frame is made out of carbon fiber. The engine is mated to an Audi six-speed manual with military precision design. I like how it looks and the best part about it is the minimalistic design. One of the key features that I like about this machine is that its serviceable by Audi and you can tune the engine from any manufacturer who modifies Audi engines.

I knew this is an expensive piece of machinery, I have been asking about it for over a year now and it I kept getting pricing between 41’000 to 45’000 KD from the Emirates or Qatar. There was no budging on the price and it was too much, and this wasn’t even for the Superlight version, with upgraded brakes, modified suspension and lighter body. This KTM X-Bow at BikeWorld is selling for 34’995 KD which is barely above cost, its insanely cheap for an X-Bow, cheaper then the used ones online. I know this isn’t a machine for everyone but who ever gets it is someone who will love it dearly.

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  1. anasmak11

    Wow, amazing they have it in Kuwait, but KD 35K? ill pass..

  2. I agree with anasmak11, its an amazing track car and all, but just not worth the KD 35K, I would totally get a 25K Nissan GT-R for 10K less, and hey, i even get AC and windows!

  3. Hi there,

    Superb pics!

    The spelling of Kuwait is wrong in the post headline….

  4. Bader

    For 14K Kuwaiti, you can get an Ariel Atom that is just as crazy around the track. The base model comes with a 219hp honda engine which will get you to 60 in 2.9secs and to a 100 in 11. They also have a 300hp supercharged engine. Good thing about the atom is that it has a Honda engine so there is no limit to the number of after market parts.


  5. Ahmed

    Bader, an Arial Atom is a nice car, however it’s too light and the power to weight ratio is too much. This is why it cannot finish a lap on a track faster than an X-BOW. I read a review with many super cars in it an Atom had a problem with the corners its always spinning the tires because of the power to weight ratio. But in a straight line its fast. The money on the X-BOW is spent on the design and structure of the car. The design of the car makes around 200 KG of down force just to make the car stable. And the one that is in Kuwait is a superlight, monocoque structure made of compressed bare carbon fiber that you can see it.

  6. The KTM is sexy for sure… something out of a sci-fi movie. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey!

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