iPad 3G vs. Wifi

There is no doubt what so ever that Apple have created an amazing product with the iPad, but there is one crucial point about this machine that makes it so successful, it is a content intensive product. There is something for everyone, games, utilities, productivity,media, movies, TV shows, and music and everything else you want on the go. You need to be connected most of the time to go through the media, in my case I downloaded a lot of comics and magazines, but for a lot of services and applications you need to be connected online. One part is that Wireless is very fast with a fast connection, and even at times it isn’t enough for the iPad, I have tried 3G and at best the performance is spotty at best and it depends on your location. Now all three providers (Wataniya, Viva, and Zain) will be releasing the micro-sim at the same time but will you really be able to use it normally. The other aspect is that you will have to pay a monthly fee for 3G connectivity, is it really worth it in this case, its not a phone but a tool to access the net. I for one love the iPad, sitting on my couch going through the RSS feed or playing a few games, or reading comics, its a dynamic tool but on the go I will just use the available Wireless in the area, 3G just doesn’t make much sense to me with the use of the iPad since you wouldn’t use it enough to justify the monthly costs.

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  1. xeonali

    bullshit :D .. u r just convincing urself with ur wireless no 3g ipad

  2. Fawaz

    i totally agree with you,
    BUT what if they offer (pay on the go, eezee)? You will only have to pay for what you use. I think this is the way to go. what do u think?

  3. meh

    I agree with xeonali

  4. Fawaz zain 3endhom already prepaid data ! just change ur sim card o khalas !

  5. @xeonali – LOL I think you miss understand, but this link would prove my thoughts to be correct http://gizmodo.com/5528240/ipad-3g-test-notes

    @Fawaz – It is an idea, but knowing the companies they would limit the speeds for the ezee connection unlike the full subscription. I’m not impressed with the 3G performance, it provides the data you need but not speed you need for most applications.

    @meh – Please see link to further my opinion: http://gizmodo.com/5528240/ipad-3g-test-notes

  6. i will do it your way

    with using the MiFi i have lots of other options other than just using the ipad


    i was thinking of getting the IPAD 3G but now i changed my mind ;)

    thanks bro

  7. Bu Khaled

    Viva has prepaid 3G sim cards already, so no monthly pills..
    i dont know but for an extra 100 USD its worth it honestly.

  8. Bu Khaled

    Viva has prepaid 3G sim cards already, so no monthly pills..
    i dont know but for an extra 100 USD its worth it honestly.

    MIcro Sim Cards are on their way with Viva

  9. Gary

    I install high end cpu’s electronics fr a living. Several weeks ago my Battery was getting low on my ipone 3GS , I turned off the 3g function and forgot to turn it back on. My internet acess ect has been the same with the 3G shut off. I also was concerned as many about the 3G Vs wifi is it really worth 360.00 a year (no) as in one yeaer apple will have a new ipad that is faster more options ect. and the 2010 ipad will be obsolete.

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