DJ Mike Relm – Iron Man 2 Remix

Mike Relm remixed the Iron Man 2 trailer into a funky beat, and Jon Favreau liked it so much he took it to Paramount Pictures marketing. He had him remix a version to a 45 second promo instead of the 1 minute 30 seconds which is the original. Both videos are very cool, the top one being the tv promo and the bottom one being the original.

Link: GeekTyrant

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  1. I did not like the movie as much as i liked part 1

    This was was more into comedy and fashion and such things rather than Action and fight

  2. Frankom: Really? I didn’t see it here, planning a movie marathon for next week! But I know I will enjoy it!

  3. I LOVED THE MOVIE .. being a MARVEL FREAK .. i find this part is as good as the 1st part ;)

  4. I saw this movie on the first day on normal 2D and they butchered a lot of scenes, I dont know if the IMAX version is any different so I suggest you watch it outside Kuwait.

  5. Hamad: Same here! Complete Marvel Freak!

    Mathai: Thats the plan ;) Not gonna watch it in Kuwait!!

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