The Chedi – Oman

For my second trip to Oman I wanted to pamper myself a little but like any company there are certain budgets that I had to work within. I decide to choose a nicer hotel this time but the one I wanted didn’t exactly fit into the budget, so I took what they gave me and choose the one I wanted paying the rest off on my own. The company paid for a 1/3 and I paid for 2/3 out of pocket and it was really really worth it. First off Oman is one of the cleanest and most vegetated country in the Gulf, and some of the nicest people there. The hotel is a resort about 20 minutes from the airport and probably one of the nicest I have seen. I was one of the few Arabs staying there, I mostly saw Italians and Germans for some reason, and they said that only 10% of the hotel is ever filled by people from the GCC.

Walking in you really feel like your swept away, it has the lushest green laws I have seen. Took a 5 minute walk to my room and it was amazing, a scene out of a movie. Put my things down, changed and headed to spa to book a massage and I wanted to have a late dinner. I booked a one hour reflexology session an hour later, went back to my room finished a few reports up before heading back to the spa. As soon the session started I knew that it was going to be good, I brought a magazine to read but I passed out within the first 10 minutes. I wasn’t expecting it to be this relaxing. After being woken I was all loose and dazed from only a foot massage. Then I head over to restaurant to have dinner, and it was an amazing meal, a very good salad and lobster.

Next morning off to meetings, I think I was the only person there he was staying there while heading to meetings, most everyone were couples or families on vacation at The Chedi. This hotel is more oriented to younger adults and couples then it is to families with kids. The service is very good, everyone is very helpful, and the rooms are amazing and comfortable, full Bose sound system with two different iPod docks, not including free internet and minibar. I’m not much of a Spa person but their massages were so good I made an appointment every day in the evening for three days, luckily they were open until 10pm. I just couldn’t get enough of the amazing range of food during breakfast or dinner, didn’t have a chance for lunch during my stay but I am planning a visit their for vacation. I didn’t manage to take advantage of the two pools while I was there, next time I hope to. Anyone who is looking for a nice relaxing place for vacation then I highly recommend the Chedi, it really surpassed my expectations.

(A lot of pictures below!)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. my mom just emailed me your post, I think she means we should take a vacation here LOL

  2. i heard the shangri-la is much better, true or false??

    anything to do there other than relax?

  3. Looks relaxing! I appreciate Oman’s efforts to preserve their environment. I only wish we would do the same in Kuwait.

  4. Oman is one of the best maintained countries in the world. I love their attention to detail in EVERY STREET. The signs, the landscaping, the lighting, and as mentioned by El Wehbi, their preservation environment and indeed culture. I firmly believe it is the tidiest Arabic country in the world.

    Great shots of a beautifully presented property.

  5. maryam

    Not many go to Oman for vacation. I guess not much to do there, but to relax and enjoy some green.

    I’d love to try it out :)

  6. u know
    its all amazing and perfect BUT seeing this at the time where my workload is at its peak, and the fact that my summer plans might not work “the one time i decided to travel in the summer!”, this is not the best time lol to see such a lovely relaxing place, where I could even hear the music around the pool chairs area… SHREER :p

    but 3leik bel3afiyah, great place, heard about it from a friend and now more eager to consider it for a short trip



    *2 thumbs up*

  7. Oman Hotels

    Oman is small scale compared to holiday countries like Spain – but for those in the ‘know’ it is a very rewarding place.
    The Chedi is good for adults – while the Shangri-la is excellent for families with children – and though considered a palace – Al Bustan is surprisingly child friendly

  8. alanonymous

    the place looks 7ada amazing, ive been to the six senses resort in oman but hatha looks much a7la o greener;p what i dislike about six sense ena mako green o ana 7adii i enjoy plants o green its calming..
    do they have private pool? as ina ekon inside your villa?
    0 7adii i agree weyak oman is a very pure and nice place to relax o taghyer jaw

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