Slip @ Jerez

I tend to follow up on WSBK and MotoGP for motorcycle racing, recently Moto 2 has popped up and in one of their races is the biggest slip I have seen. A total of 9 riders fell due to an oil spill from one race bike, and it looks like a domino effect. The bike slip is wasn’t bad for the rides, they slipped and continued without getting hurt from the looks of it but the music with the video is pretty good.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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  1. Ali from Bahrain

    Two more points to add:
    – The winner of the race in Moto2 was one of those who crashed :)
    – The first ever Arab person is participating in this new elite class, he is Mishal Al Naimi from Qatar

  2. yamaho

    This year is very exciting and very competitive her moto2.

    Sell to me your ducati, to good price, that in Spain we are in crisis!

    There is work for my of driver truck in Dubai? Or to lead any thing xD


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