Bank & Economies in Europe


Seems like the topic of the day are banks and the European countries, and the relationship between them. Greece has been in the news a lot lately and so has UK and Spain about their debt, then there is the decision of Germany to support Greece, and the other countries in the long list. Now all of these numbers flying around, but this infographic pretty much puts all the relationships into considertaion, keeping in mind if one of them goes down then this whole balancing act comes tumbling down. Click the picture for a bigger image.

Link: NYTimes

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  1. so is my visit to Greece gona be less expensive this year?

  2. K_

    @adrenaline: its funny how Kuwaities look at natural disasters, epidemics and riots as opportunity for cheaper travel :D
    dont get me wrong, at the height of the swine flu, i got amazing ticket and hotel prices for thailand.

  3. Am not Kuwaiti, so don’t feel bad ;-)
    مصايب قوم …عند قوم

  4. Hehehe @Adrenaline on the contrary with Greece’s higher debt things by no means will be cheaper, even if flight companies reduce their prices to attract toursists the price of goods, food etc.. will be really high. When a country is in debt this affects the residents because inflation rises and this will cause prices to rise everywhere :)

  5. Cool diagram… The reality is not this tidy I’m afraid. They’re heading for a real mess (again). Feel sorry for the little European countries.

    LOL at the two comments above. I guess the ash cloud came out of Iceland after their meltdown… From these countries we will get something else that will disrupt our (cheap) travel.

    Happy holidays.

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