BMW High Security Vehicles

I know BMW made some beefed up cars, but I thought aftermarket companies made them ready for battle, not a division of BMW. They really take a lot into consideration, completely re-engineering the car carry the extra weight and the different mechanisms to handle the extra security. Its cool that the cars can with stand high caliber bullets and some even prepped to handle mines, the best part of the video is watching them shoot at the cars, I want that job.

Link: AutoBlog

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  1. love BMW as well as Lexus

    but with this video , BMW gained more points :)

  2. Nice. They need to change their spokesman. I don’t know why but I want to punch him…

  3. 3azeez

    @0:15 “THE KENNEDYs”… in a bullet proof car advert? is that supposed to be a joke?!

    Man that’s low!

    but LOL

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