Lexus LFA vs Nissan GT-R

An epic battle between two amazing Japanese machines, I think this is the question many have been asking, for all the technology and development of the Lexus LFA is it faster then the Nissan GT-R. Luckily MotorTrend Managed to get their hands on one LFA to try against their Nissan GT-R. The LFA sounds amazing and they are drifting it around corners, and sliding into the next, what a machine.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Teeman

    as cool as the LFA is im sure that at a one mile track the GT-R would beat it

  2. DOD

    The LFA looks really good but by the price tag, it should blow the GTR out of the water…and it dosent

  3. I would buy it just to cruise in it and not even race lol.

  4. I saw it in the Lexus dealership in London last winter and I fell in love with it, but I gotta say I’m disappointed after seeing what the GTR did to it, especially considering the enormous price tag difference!

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