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Marvel has turned out to be one of my favorite applications on the iPad, I have always had a love for comics but as I grew up I lost track of all the different Universes, plots and lists of new comics that kept coming up. With the emergence of the iPad they have provided the perfect platform for Comics, I find myself reading for hours and hours these days and I’m enjoying every moment of it, I feel like the Geek in me couldn’t be happier. I read the comics and keep going to the next issue of the series, everything is very organized and you can keep buying the next one. I passed by the Kinokonaya Book Store in Dubai and saw a few Marvel Comics and I really wish they would be released soon on the iPad, and I kept flipping through a few of the comics that were on the table. The best part is that you can go through the categories and view each series on its own making it easier to select the comics you want, and of course the sample is perfect so you get a slight feel of the comic before purchasing.

My Favorite Comics:

  • Hulk
  • Mighty Avengers
  • New Avengers
  • New X-Men
  • World War Hulk
  • X-23: Target X
  • X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

What Its Lacking:

  • More Comics, I seriously want all the comics that Marvel has to offer
  • I want the comics in higher resolution so when it goes screen to screen its crystal clear
  • The Comics are a bit over priced and add up very quickly, I think they should be charged between 50c to 99c, not the $2.00 for each comic, people would buy more at higher volume
  • A way to manage your comics off the iPad so when your done with it you can get rid of it instead of just deleting it. I just bought it, why would I delete it even if I need the space, feels like I’m throwing the comic in the trash, I would rather store it some where like I used to

Even with all these points I think that its a fantastic Application and a huge stepping stone to bring comics back to what it was. The iPad has revolutionized the way people interact with online activity and reading comics is being brought back in a way that takes advantage of all the features of the iPad making it easier and more fun to read.


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  1. halahal

    check out X-23: Innocence Lost

  2. If you like archie comics or GI Joe, there is another app called ivu or something i think.

  3. This Marvel comics app seems to be really not bad for those who loves this genre. Nice screenshots, the interface looks very clear and handy. It’s a pity that there’s no possibility to remove old comics off iPad and to save them somewhere else, but maybe there is a possibility to hack somehow the application to fix this shortcoming? There must be some solution, I guess…

  4. That is the only feature that’s making me want the iPad other than that I think it’s over hyped and I’d prefer a laptop any day!

  5. Someone is copying me :P Hehehehe posting about things they love about the #iPad hehehe just kidding but yeah I totally get where you’re coming from I feel the same way about the iPad with Zinio and other apps that are just way too awesome!

  6. what about women magazines?
    cosmopolitan / marie clair / elle ..etc are they all there?

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