The Female Versions of SuperHeroes

Hell Girl

The title of the Art work is “If Super-Heroes Were Women?”, now this is an interesting twist of thought, what would the female versions of some super heroes would look like. Some of the concepts are pretty cool and some are extravagant, but the best of the bunch is Hell Girl, Splinter Cell, and Astro Girl, Super Heroes we have known to be male figures and turned them into female superheroes. Serious geeks love some of these characters but a few are missing, like a female Wolverine or Iron Man, but I always thought comic drawings are really cool.

Link: Cinematical


Splinter Cell


Dra Manhattan

Asterixia and Obelixia


Astro Girl

Superwoman & Batwoman

Babe Sapiens

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. k

    Again…. “sex sells”


  2. Boodlz

    Dont forget She-Hulk :p
    I just discovered her!

  3. caca

    you loooook soooo cooo, but at the same time stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jessica

    these chicks are awsome

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