Wataniya Airlines – The Upgrade

A lot has been going on with Wataniya Airlines over the past 6 months. They got a new plane, now it seems like they have a total of 5 planes, and more staff hired. They are now even changing the way you check in at first class, and now as soon as you check in, you can have your passport stamped right away so you only have to go through security to board the car to the plane.

New Routes:

  • Rome
  • Vienna
  • Istanbul
  • As well as all the others

Now they are even expanding the First Class lounge as they are expecting more and more people which is a great idea, I think they can even have more seeting inthe current area without any issue. So the old passport area for first class being turned into a lounge for First Class. The best part now is that they offer Zaijil Wifi services in the lounge and airport, so you can purchase 2 hours for 1 KD or 24 hours for 3KD, and you can do the whole thing and charge it to your Zain mobile phone by sending a few sms which was extremely easy, and I was online with my iPad. Now this makes it easier to sit early in the lounge and relax without any issues.

I have been flying Wataniya Airways continously throughout the Middle East and so after a couple of months I go to the Silver Diwan Card from the Purple Card. So even if I fly economy I get to use the lounge now and also get one person in with me which is pretty good for Silver, usually that doesn’t happen until your Gold with Emirates and that takes a lot to get there. I just hope they open up more routes and hopefully to London soon with a new plane that can fly a longer range, as it is right now British Airways is too expensive and the services are lacking for that price.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Their financial results are not good yet… but I hope with their continued effort, they get the right return in order to sustain this fantastic growth. Can’t wait for them to start service to London and Paris…

    They have one area that they really need to address: their call centre! It takes more than 30 mins average to get through. Thank God you can do most things online.

  2. yousuf

    I also hope they keep the standards they started off with.
    Lately I have noticed they are cutting corners like stopped giving wet Wipes in the economy section.Small things like this makes a big difference with the passengers.

    best of luck

  3. mohammed

    From which camera did u take these photos

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