Review: Clash of the Titans

Persious’s family is killed by the God of the Underworld, Haidees and he is left wanting revenge. Later he finds out that he is a Demi-God, half human and half Titan, but not the son of any Titan but Zeus himself. Now he must fight demons and other creatures to protect the humans as well as Olympus. Sam Worthington play Persious the son of Zeus and makes a path for his destiny to defeat Haidees. The story is a great story with a lot of interesting characters and fictional creatures, I especially like the Scorpions and the insane hunters who join them in their battle. The pace of the action keeps increasing and a great story is told, if you are remotely interested in Action/Fantasy movies then this must be seen, it was great from start to finish.

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  1. cant wait to see it :) 1st avatar and now Clash of the titans good job Sam Worthington :)

  2. Eissa

    sounds alot like God Of War !!!?

  3. Jose

    It seems like you give any movie 4 out of 5. This is definitely a 2 out of 5 movie.

  4. fadibou

    Trash of the Titans in my humble opinion.
    No story, bad direction, good acting, Good hero, nice special effects and then we wait forever for the big monster to come only to see him killed before he even emerges.

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