Review: Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

I got these headphones a few months back now and have tried them a few times. I didn’t get the right sound except after switching out to the right tips. I tried out the Dr Dre Beats noise canceling headphones which were fantastic sound and bass, but its an over ear type headphones. Now these are the in-ear headphones and I have my Bose to compare them to. The Bose in my opinion fit better and have good base and sound and I like them a lot, the Bose were my baseline for trying out this headphone. Watch some TV shows, Movies, and Anime with these headphones and they are really good but lacking a little base.


  • High Quality Sound
  • Very nice Design
  • A nice selection of tips to choose from to best fit your needs
  • Very high volume, higher then usual


  • A bit pricy at $150
  • A bit lacking in Bass
  • You have to play around with it when it fits your ear to get that perfect sound
  • Sticks out a bit, doesn’t fit under inside my helmet

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Had those long time ago and love them, I have the whole range of Dre Beats (Starting from the Studio , Tour , and Solo) , will also get the Spin version once they go on sale & would also try to get the Solo HD.

    You should try Diddy Beats.

  2. Khaled

    and the best part is the tangle-free wires!
    love that!

  3. Daddyz Girl

    tried heartbeats (Lady gaga edition) music quality is good but fitting sucks big time but it looks great ;p i highly recommend bang & olufsen earphones for best music quality & ears fittings.

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