@ 95.8 and Standing!


It has been a about 10 days at this point and I think that my body has somewhat adjusted to my eating habits. I have cut back significantly with my eating habits but not as strict as before. I have just dropped around 1 kilogram over a week and I’m honestly eating comfortably, still keeping to small quantities but not completely cutting myself. Now at this stage I think I should seriously start working out but that initial step to go to the gym is just so damn hard, I just keep coming up with excuses not to go and then I say its just too late to go. So I have to break this cycle and start moving a little more. My main goal is to able to enjoy some water sports during the summer so I really need to strengthen my biceps and chest to be able to wakeboard at the beginning of the summer.

What I’m Craving:

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Coldstone Ice Cream
  • Watermelon
  • Four Cheese Pizza
  • Slider Burgers

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. biggie27

    yalla come to the gym with me in 2 months you will be a beast of a man :D

  2. you probably would need a gym buddy!

  3. I want a pizza like right NOW!! I am sure you will find the will power to get to the gym :)

  4. Just so you feel better, I had Cold Stone cake batter with cookie dough a couple of weeks back and it was TOO buttery in taste! Something is wrong and they are not like what they used to be. Instead, go back to your frozen yogurt (healthier and lighter)! Try Napket’s Icy Yogurt for a change ;-) Other than that, WTG Marzouq!

  5. Humor

    To me it clicked when I started comparing it to World of Warcraft. Instead of focusing on my in – game stats I focused on my real life stats. From that point on, Weight lifting became working on strength, cardio working on stamina, aerobics working on agility. Yeah I barely play anymore :P real life became more interesting. Try to turn it into a game and see what happens.It’s sad but hey, whatever keeps you going. Hope it helps. Kudos on the lax diet, flexible dieting is the key.

  6. i don’t even like red meat! let alone cooked rare or medium rare!
    but that pic looks absolutely delicious!

  7. yikez

    dude .. i dont think watermelon is fattening

  8. Ali

    Why dont you eat Watermelon?

  9. ansam u had the “all lovin no oven from coldstone” it is soooooooo good.

    zdistrict. i have two words for you. “Core Fitness” man i did something similar to what you did, and then i joined their gym. 20 mins, my own trainer, clean gym no annoying 3agad, all hard working, serious and no distractions. 3, 4 days a week. MU SIJ!

  10. god i cant make myself go to the gym either.

    tadre what worked for me ?

    for a while anyway… having a private trainer come to the house.

    atifiq at a specific time, and even though i feel like canceling oo mali khlg i dont and she forces me to work out.

    u should try that, and when ur used to it go to the gym

  11. Amna Jumaa

    1st i want to say i read your posts about losing weight & it inspired me to continue to lose my weight too. so PLZ keep going

    2nd go find alternative of some junk food u like, for example: some 1 said go to buy frozen yogurt & put some fruits on it to make it delicious <<i do that usually

    from my personal experience: i used to be Mountain Dew addicted i drank like 3-10 cans a day although that i knew what fizzy drink do damage to our bodies. i tried to cut it so many times but it couldn't until 2 months ago i said let me find alternative drink and it was flavored green tea called c2, it took me 1 week to shut my desire to drink any fizzy drinks even if i saw Ads and commercials i don't feel i miss it.

    the main point is its easier to stop eating junk food when u find alternative to it.

    sorry for my long reply and thank you for reading it

  12. Once you get the gym into your schedule “squeeze it, literally!” you will get used to it & feel ur missing something when u don’t go. Am renewing my subscription in a month or so :> will go into my 2nd year! After 1 month going daily “or bi-daily” you will see the difference :>

    my diet is very similar to what you wrote, I do not deprive my self from anything just stick to limited portions & watch out that i do not over do the calorie intake, next month my big challenge! will seriously lose weight!

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