Kuwait Shooting Range – NRC

I just had the urge to shoot guns, I called up some of my friends and picked them up. They dropped off their car at Al Falah Car Wash so while it was getting washed and cleaned we would get some shooting done and come back when the car was nice and clean. The NRC is open every day from 5-9pm except Friday, but I’m not sure if they are open earlier on Saturday.

We came in, gave our IDs and took the visitors badge, anyone 15 and above can come to the shooting range. Surprisingly this is a rule made by the Shooting Range, I’m not aware of any laws that specify who can shoot at a shooting range. We headed down luckily there weren’t that many people, we decided to shoot the hand guns first then the sniper rifles. I went for the 44 caliber Glock and so did my friend, and one guy took the 9mm gun. For about 8 KD you get 10 bullets, and you pay in increments of 8 KD for 10 more bullets. After that we went for the .308 caliber rilfe which is damn big and has a nice kick to it.

While there we saw one of our friends from 4thringroad who is a regular at the NRC. And he showed us some of his personal collection that he keeps at the shooting range, and all of these machines have permits and are licensed. It was a Genuine Israel made Desert Eagle, which is basically the most accurate and powerful handgun out there, and it said Made in Israel which is banned in the GCC, when I asked him how in the hell he had one, he just smiled. That wasn’t the surprising one either, later on at the rifle range it was another machine.

When we got our Glocks, I was loading the bullets giddily, I don’t know why I have had the urge to shoot a gun since the last time I did in the Emirates. As soon as I had the Glock in my hand and shot the first bullet I had a surge of excitment and fired off, getting between the 9 and 10s in the target and it was damn good. The barrel of the gun was hot, I reloaded the bullets and went at it again, it was lots of fun. Then we went to the rifle range which is across the hall, they got us our rifle, then our friend was shooting as well. When we started shooting he showed us a Special Forces Spec M16 which he also keeps at the shooting range and gave us the chance to shoot with it. After I finish all my .308 caliber bullets in the rifle I picked up the M16, I felt like I was in a Rambo movie. You aren’t allowed to use in the fully automatic mode and I didn’t know how to do that either, surprisingly it had very little recoil and was stable. What an adventure for the first time in my life I got to shoot an M16 and enjoy all the other machines, my aim is pretty good too, the instructors said I have a steady finger, my thanks goes back to Halo.

NRC is located after the Equestrian Club just off the Six Ring Road.
Phone: 2475 9999

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I love this place although I try not to get carried away otherwise I might blow all the cash in my wallet :D
    Now I want to try the M16! :)

  2. I still cant believe that i didnt go to this place yet !! it just fits me !! i really need to go, perfect pictures thanks !

  3. Mate, u have just given me a reason to live again !! :D
    i am goin to this place as soon as i come back to kuwait !!
    we have one here in Brisbane as well but they don’t have an M16 !!!

  4. I’m so going to this place! I wanna feel like I’m in Tomb Raider movie :D

    I thought you were gonna show us your shooting results!

  5. 3azeez

    let me guess… you’re friend is a sheikh?


  6. I ADORE the shooting range!
    It’s the best way to vent out and I have to admit I usually get power crazy. I keep shooting until I can’t feel my arm anymore. My signal to stop is when my arm gets all shaky and numb that I just can’t control my shots anymore *^_^*

  7. Not fair! need a picture of the card when ur done shooting :D

    Mine is piled up at the heart area, when i got it i blamed my brothers for not telling me that the head has a high score also :p

  8. Ali Shammari

    Hey..i go there every week..but how can i get the M16? ;p


    Glad you had fun …
    1- glock doesn’t manufacture guns that carry .44 caliber, either .40 or .45

  10. Shahzan shaikh

    hey.. iam not a blogger or follow others blog … but you article on the cops got me intrested … good work !! i was visiting kuwait during this eid from canada .. me and my friends had actually planned to visit this range but i just couldnt fit it in my short 10 day trip … anyways .. good luck with ur blogs .. ima keep checking them often

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