Never Thought This Happens In Dubai

I always knew that Dubai got really tough on traffic laws over the years. I even experienced it myself with all those cameras so I even opted out from driving in Dubai due to my speeding. But this video is just something else, I would never expect to see this in the UAE, burnouts, doughnuts, stunting and all kinds of driving ridiculousness. And if it did happen then the police would come down very hard on them. If you have too many traffic violations the cops even come to you to impound your car, but burn outs in the middle of the high and stunting is not something I would expect to see in the UAE, Kuwait yes, Saudi definitely, UAE didn’t think so

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Dubai is a little different – yes. This is a rare occurrence. But I disagree with your view about UAE. Abu Dhabi has the same ‘values’ as us here…

  2. عادي عادي
    هذا يمكن عرس او محتفلين بفوز بس اتوقع عرس

  3. shakla 3irs .. bs even so!!
    too much its too dangerous

    lol but the drivers face was hilarious!!

  4. @@
    wow! Dubai! I’d never thought a thing like this would happen & on a main road :/

  5. fadibou

    its a football cup celebration and the road was almost closed for the convoy, so these guys are mostly supporters and police was all over this convoy. Still they shouldn’t be doing it on the highways, maybe a race track or something.

  6. TrueDubaian

    It was actually a celebration / maseera, hence the empty highway. Thanks to the guy who filmed this video they’ve been caught and this cause will be will be punished as a criminal case(jana2ee) rather than breaking traffic laws case.

  7. Paul

    wow…that would definitely not fly in Australia (where I am). Over here if a cop sees you lose traction for more than 3 seconds your car is on a trailer, impounded for 24hrs, 28 days then 3 months then you lose it! Same deal for racing or even excessive acceleration (to the speed limit!)

    Then again I don’t think many Australians know how to drive on two wheels as well, why is it I basically only see Dubai based drivers doing this?

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