Season Finales – V, Fringe, & The Mentalist


Fringe just took it over the top with the series finale the past week, seriously wasn’t expecting it to be this big of an ending. Walter Bishop carries the whole show, he is a genius and his child like actions are fantastic, then there is Walternate.


V just kept getting better from episode to episode, I’m happy they are renewing it another season. The season finale packed one punch after another, the ending was a cliffhanger. The one thing the V’s hate the most is human emotions and it took the drastic affect at the end. For the longest time they built relations with humans to take a huge twist at the end. What an insane ending for the show, now its going to take a completely different angle and I can’t wait for the fall season.


The Mentalist:
Its one of those shows that you just enjoy watching, the Mentalist giving his services to the CBI to help them solve cases. Season 2 is even better then Season 1, they delve deeper into the other characters and the ending was a hell of a climax. If you haven’t seen this show your missing out.

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  1. I loved the Fringe finale….

    Very good…and makes you eager for the new season…

  2. Joy

    What I love about Fringe are the various goose-eggs they leave all around the place. Anyone notice the sentence on the greenboard when Walter and Belly entered the alt-Lab? It’s an anagram.

    Luckily Fox has given the go ahead for a Season 3. Can’t wait for it…..

  3. loved Vs finale ..
    i just hated what happened to the woman who gave birth!
    but other than that .. amazing ending!

  4. ali

    V’s finale just blew my mind away. my jaw dropped for like 5 minutes after the episode ended

    Fringe was a good finale but i kinda figured out the ending when bell woke up

  5. Red John = (RED) Kristina + (John) The guy from forensics (season 2 finale) that’s my guess

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