The Scale – Soehnle Niro

I have wanted to get a scale for a long time but all these places I pass by have these cheap scales which are huge and don’t fit easily into the bathroom. Or you have to have it in a spot to stand perfectly to get the right weight, I have seen which is really cool and mechanical in Italy but I haven’t seen in anywhere. Then I saw the Soehnle Niro in The Chedi Muscat, tried it a few times and it was very accurate and clear. It fits perfectly in a corner of my bathroom, there isn’t much space to work with so its really thin fitting perfectly in the corner. It gives a perfect reading of my weight, I check it every morning after I jump out of the shower and keeps me in check, there are days where I’m eating light and days that I mess around. So this is the best scale I have ever used and available through amazon, low profile, and simple to use.


  • Computer Scale, Very Accurate
  • 1.8cm tall
  • Relatively Waterproof
  • A door can go over it

Link: Amazon

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  1. maryam

    Zain saweeet, I got a mechanical scale and it’s always pointing to the same number roughly! You need to loose a substantial amount for it to move downwards :P

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