Turn and Hit

Monday night I was driving to see some family around 7pm heading to Shamiya on Airport Road (50), at the light its two lane wide and I’m on the right lane. We are all going to make a left, nothing much to it simply going forward and making a left. As we turn to straighten, I’m in the middle lane of the 2nd ring road which is a 3 lane wide road. This car on my right being driven by a female (wearing a hijab) and she is having a conversation with the gentlemen on her right, her car gets a little too close to mine and I move a bit to the left when she laughs and pulls left to hit my car. Her side view mirror flew off, I heard a thud and I was very annoyed, any further left and I would have hit the car on my left. I really didn’t want to stop and head to a police station, she freaked out, I stopped and took a picture of her license plate. I told her I’m not going to the police station since its your fault and I don’t want to bother waiting for paperwork. I think she was afraid I would start shouting but I was pissed and left. I honestly don’t know why my luck is like this, statistically speaking 90% of all my accidents and close calls involve women with hijabs, seriously this is just driving me nuts, no attention to the road, and not paying attention the cars on the roads but maybe its just my luck. I thought she dented my door, but she dented my fender just under the light. I was lucky it wasn’t a hit to the light, so it was a dent but on the protection where I head my Huper Optic protection.

Now for the interesting part, the Huper Optik protection did its job, it protected the paint from getting damaged and its only one dent albeit a sizable dent but still manageable. And the black line is the plastic which rubbed onto my car, it comes off with some elbow grease. One of my friends said that since there is no paint damage that I can take it to DentXpress and they could take it out easily, so I’m going to try my luck and hopefully they can get it clear out.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Haha, join the club! you’re lucky she didnt spit on you. Thats what they usually do :)

  2. the only good law saudi ever came up with is banning women from driving, which happens to be the only law that the kuwaitis didnt adapt from the saudis…sad but true

  3. Linda

    LOL I’m gonna have to agree with the guys on this one. I have had more than one incident with women wearing hijab driving. No offense to anyone, I just don’t know why it happens!!

  4. ZDistrict!
    We look forward to your visit. We will be contacting you very soon.

    The Dent Xpress Team

  5. I use to say:

    Give women there so called “rights”

    and take away there licence to drive… give and take .. bartar lol

    i agree with : “the only good law saudi ever came up with is banning women from driving”

    but its not the only good law :)

  6. Kuwaity

    People themselves don’t care, it is not law, women or Hijab!
    Driving in Kuwait became like ****!

  7. I faced a similar situation in the recent past and the experience was frustratingly traumatic. To make matters worse, I don’t speak Arabic, which makes the whole process of explaining…. all the more annoying.

    I decided to go through the process of reporting it to the police, getting the repair report etc and I must say it is one of the most inefficient systems in place.

    Marzouq, considering your rich experience in the field ;) you have to make some sort of flowchart of sorts to explain to us arabic illiterates what the correct procedure for all this is. If you have comprehensive/3rd party insurance… what are the forms you need…. (arabic translations etc).

    “Cheatsheet for non-arabic-speaking dummies in Kuwait who’ve unfortunately met with Hijab-wearing accident-causing women drivers”

    Go for it !

  8. Corolla Man (AE86)

    if you want my fender, just give me a call

  9. se7s

    “That’ll buff right out”

  10. Q80 In Denver

    I’m just wondering why the (Women with hijabs) marzouq? .. tara kilish mo 7elwa! e7jab wela sefoor .. gool ebnaya oo entaha el maw’9oo3!

  11. Mhm

    I dont think hejab has anything to do with bad driving. I’m sorry but i think thats just silly.

  12. @Mathai – I know some of them can be very rude!

    @Miss Good Egg – Looool! Now thats drastic!

    @Zed – It isn’t that bad! loool!

    @Linda – I agree, that is one of things I mention, why is it always them!

    @Dent Xpress – I will be in touch! Thanks!

    @[email protected] – Not that bad man! I disagree with the Saudi law but statistically more women with hijab pay less attention to the road!

    @Kuwaity – I agree, there has to be some way to educate them!

    @K – Honestly there isn’t much to it! I don’t fill much paperwork since I have full end to end coverage on the car. I take the report and insurance takes care of the rest, but in this case I skipped it all and just going to get the dent fixed. This is Kuwait, there is no simple way, I have been to a few police stations and they are all different, its insane!

    @Corolla Man (AE86) – I will let you know ;)

    @se7s – Agreed! lol

    @Q80 In Denver – Because its frustrating when someone who doesn’t pay attention hits your car even when your avoiding. I’m not trying to offend anyone with Hijab! But in reality most of my accidents or close calls when I’m on the road involve women with hijab, and I mention it because never has a woman without a hijab hit me or come close to hitting me or taking me off the road. I drive a lot! And this is out of frustration that my car is hit and not my fault. you may say moo 7elwa but has nothing to do with their religious affiliation or how religious they are, I’m not discussing that! I’m just annoyed they don’t pay attention to the road and hit me in the car, or take me out on the bike! You have to admit that it is very frustrating, when its always the same characteristics, a woman wearing hijab.

    @Mhm – It may seem silly but keep in mind that most of the accidents I have faced are from women wearing hijab, even when I’m not moving. I’m just talking about statistics in this matter, can there be a correlation between women who wear hejab and don’t drive well, I don’t know, I don’t have statistics or have the capability to do it, but it keeps happening to me and its frustrating!

  13. It’s a hijab not a blindfold… You wouldn’t say a woman with hair usually drives into me :)

  14. frelkiom

    walla int feek shay. first thing a hijab has nothing to do with driving skills and its our religion. I as a man who think women in general cant drive fine it extremely offensive when u say hijab if ur sister or mother wore one i bet u wouldn’t say that!!!!! freaking idiot!! :@

  15. Umreem

    I read ur comment on women wearing hijab and car accidets I dnt see any realion between the two since accidents happen to anyone driving I drive and see many male drivers who cause accidents by driving like they own the road but l dnt say that they’re the cause of acciddent just because they’re men it’s just so silly and shalow to think about women wearing hijab like so .

  16. @Bu Yousef – Kha6aak el laash! I would mention it for the sake of statistics but thats about it!

    @Mathai – Fantastic drawing skills and you can’t be blamed by your frustration!

    @frelkiom – If you find it offense well thats your choice, what I am simply stating is that almost all of the accidents I have had over the year and a half or near misses involved women wearing hijabs, a lot of them are very rude even after the case, and they caused the accident. I’m not generalizing about women or hijabs, I’m stating that it is my luck to be hit by a woman in hijab. Secondly I do have members of my family who do wear hijab but it does not change my opinion at all. Also lets get one other fact straight, a woman wearing hijab or not wearing does not have any affect on her religious affiliation or the way she acts. So stating my opinion regardless of family members is my simple choice and I know they read this. Also insulting me really doesn’t get anything across. I can understand your opinion and since you haven’t been in my shoes I can understand that you wouldn’t have a clue a bout mine. Good Day Sir

  17. NBZ

    Kuwaiti women drivers with Hijab are the worst! they only shud be banned from driving..coz tthey r either too bz driving while on the phone or buzy adjustin their hijab ! no offense to the hijab..some people just dont know how to wear it properly enough to handle it while driivng..and NO Saudi is wrong to ban women from driving..there are a lot of Male douchce bags on the road too..but i guess the statistics is more skewed towards women..anyway banning women from drving is the most lame way of dealing with the problem..its like Banning FB or BBM just because its being misused ..u wanna deal with the main issue in hand..not blindly pretend ur solving something with a complete blackout situtaion

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