Gym – Day One


This was the first step, I just decided to go right after work to the gym and eat after the gym. Usually I’m tied up for lunch so I don’t have the ability to go the gym, so I don’t go after lunch. I prefer to workout with an empty stomach, light on my feet and able to move around. So this time I went to the gym right after work, last time I went to the gym was in September or October of last year, and people were surprised to see me there.

I just wanted to get on the elliptical trainer for 20-30 minutes cardio, then some chest and bicep resistance training. This is to help lose weight rather then gain muscle mass.

I cam to one realization after the elliptical and starting the resistance training. I’m weak as hell, I used to be able to curl 35 lb dumbbells but this time 20lbs and I was getting tired. It felt good to be at the gym and I was surprised how packed it was and so many people I kept saying hello to. After finish the shoulder, chest and bicep exercises I felt good but I knew would be feeling pain the next day and I did for about three days. Now I’m going to try to go at least twice a week.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’ve been trying to start going to the gym again! Same here, last time was there last year Ramadan so it’s almost a year now. I used to go before work; I think should just go pay and start over ‘coz i don’t feel fresh anymore!
    Good luck :)

  2. Im sure u would be tired ;s ive been working out since 2004 so thats 6 years, i could never ever ever go to the gym without eating lunch, i know after lunch your like ZzzzZZzz ;p but actually you need the power and energy from your lunch, try having a light snack, try having a banana on ur way to the gym it really gives you the boost to workout, lots of people do go to the gym with eating anything, thinking that their gona loss the wight faster, thats wrong ;) i highly recommend that you have your lunch, and have something sweet before your workout ;)

    Keep it up ;)

  3. biggie27

    marzoog imsh wiyay by the end of the month im gonna have u talking like AAAANOOOLD :P

  4. keep it up,, tara esalfa mo yoom yomaain yabeelik ash’hor o ra7 tet3aaab o tloo3 chabdik (ta7beeeeeeeeeeee6 3al a5er)

  5. hehehe keep it up bro, 3ayal ana gaind a few more kg’s ib hal safraa :/

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