My Gulf Car


A new car listing website popped up in Kuwait or more like the GCC, there are a few of these around these days. I have been tinkering around with the website for a bit now and I like the interface, its intuitive and there are a lot of cars use and new. But they do offer different services then the normal car listings.

  • To list your car you just have to create a username and login, uploading 4pics is free
  • There are listings for Kuwait & UAE, Almost 4000 cars at this point
  • KSA will be added soon
  • They can help arrange shipping to your home, pick up from seller and deliver to driver, which is pretty good

Overall a good listing with content I spent some time going through the cars, always fun to see whats being sold.

Link: MyGulfCar

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. yousef

    Thank the LORD ALMIGHTY for a DECENT infterfaced website for selling cars in the Gulf.

    Q8Car is SOOO slow and the interface is so unintuitive and has lots of bugs. Problem is, it’s the most famous website in Kuwait for used cars.

    Hopefully this website gets famous and extends to other GULF countries. I’d love to buy and sell a bunch of cars around the gulf to buy and sell, and a good website makes all the difference.


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