iPad Usage

The iPad mania is still going on in Kuwait and all over the world, and I have to say that Apple has a breakthrough product. There are a few drawbacks that would make this the best product period, but right now it doesn’t have any competition. I use my iPad daily, it has gotten me hooked with several applications. The only biggest flaw is that you can’t move data inside applications to and from your main PC, so your iPad gets filled up with data from inside applications, you can’t back-up or move, you can just delete. The battery lasts a decent time but it takes so damn long to charge, if you kill the battery completely it takes over 4 hours to charge fully which is insane. But I can’t stop using it, its so easy to take around and I can carry so much content with it.

Best Applications:

  • AirVideo – Streaming Videos
  • Marvel Comics – A selection of Marvel Comics
  • NewsRack – RSSFeed
  • Sorted – To Do list
  • Dropbox – Extention of the online application
  • GoodReader – Enables you to read all types of documents & spreadsheets
  • AngryBirds HD – Addictive online game
  • Scrabble – The old school board game
  • Shazam – Gives you the name of any song by listening to a clip

iPad Usage:

  • Reading Comics – 40%
  • Surfing The Net – 22%
  • Playing Games – 12%
  • Watching Shows/Anime – 18%
  • Other Applications – 8%

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I also find myself mostly using my iPad for reading and my laptop for everything else.

    The most usage my iPad got is when I first got it and when on trips (not just planes as they are taking us by bus here too).

  2. Bash

    I’m loving ur comic collection. I still didn’t buy the iPad coz I’m waiting 4 the manga app in the iTunes, any news about that?!

    I love ur wallpaper, where did u get it from?!

  3. I carry my work laptop and my macbook when I travel, as well as a camera. Whilst I LOVE the iPad, I can’t see why I should buy it (yet). I read magazines and blogs on my mac and use it to skype my family. If they include a front camera (for video conferencing) on their next model, then it’s a no-brainer… Today, I will stick to my iPod Touch and laptops.

  4. Bash

    No answer about the wallpaper?!

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