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For a while now I have been a bit busy not being able to keep up with all the shows but as of a day ago I decided to go through the list that has been piling up. I really don’t like not having a complete show to enjoy or having part of it if I like the show. Some are completing and some shows are new additions like Community and Justified. Just the right shows for the summer but 24 I’m going to watch one shot in 24 hours with no disturbances in 10 days.

The List:

  • 24 – Season 8 – Planning on watching one shot over the next weekend, I couldn’t watch it week to week the first few episodes were insane and this is said to be the best season yet
  • Supernatural – Season 5 – Starting it back up again since the season finished heard its a great season
  • Community – Season 1 – A new comedy that people keep telling me about, a guy going back to community college and some insane people to deal with
  • Justified – Season 1 – A new cowboy detective show who’s actions speak a lot louder then any words, looks pretty good
  • Strike Back – 6 Part BBC Army/Special Forces Drama/Action looks pretty good

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  1. B

    Dude check-out Legend of the Seeker. It’s kinda slow on the second season. But it’s damn awesome.
    Oh and Caprica. I’m just waiting for Syfy to put it back!

  2. Shosho

    Is that Chevy Chase ?! :I

    But how come they don’t have Absolutely Fabulous in iTune UK ? :I

  3. Marzouq send the to**ent link for strike back. PM me.. i know you can find my email :P

  4. 7saiN

    Royal Pains season 2 is out! One of the best TV series, must watch

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