Build it Bigger – Al Hamra Tower

We have been passing by Al Hamra for years not realizing the architectural significance of this building, it is the highest concrete structure in the world, they really turned this building into an icon. I know a few people who have been working on Al Hamra Tower for over 5 years now, and I’m happy they are getting the recognition they deserve for their work, its sad how much bureaucracy they faced in Kuwait which was a huge hurdle when they were making an amazing building for Kuwait. They even offered to expand and adjust the roads in the surrounding area to accomodate for the extra traffic that this building will cause but the Baladiya refused. At one point they had to educate the Baladiya (Municipality) about structural codes and regulations regarding sky scrappers since they dont have any regulation for it and they aren’t really bothering to educate themselves. I’m a big fan of Discovery Channel, I always enjoy these types of shows and I was proud to see a building such as this representing Kuwait. For once it feels like its not just about commercial return but creating an icon and I think that is what they have done with the building. This is the whole episode that can be watched here, and looking down from that height I would be freaked out.

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  1. Na9er

    This is amazing! (ما شاء الله). I can’t wait to see it until it is completed.

  2. The Municipality, all of them need to be fired, all existing laws examined and overhauled and we need international agreements with European states or even Dubai to come here and help us.

    The municipality as it is now is corrupt, slow and clueless as to the zoning, building codes, alternative or green energies and everything related to the new millenium.

    They are still in 1975 and a lot just want to get their palms greased.

  3. Jewaira

    Thanks for the post Marzouq. Fascinating.

  4. f7ee7eely

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanx marzoug — I cant truly recall the last time I felt this proud of something….

  5. simply amazing.. thx marzoog for sharing this with us :)

  6. You’re right. This is definately not ‘just’ about financial return. Their costs are too high with the attention to every detail. They have gone the extra mile to create something we can be proud of.

    We need more such projects in our beloved Kuwait :)

  7. visakar

    Pride of Kuwait.
    Amazing videos, guys have done an excellent job without making big noise.

  8. Ferydon

    I’m an architect and when I talk about baladia I have experiance with them.
    A bunch of egyptians call them self engineers while they don’t know a thing. Are running the show, many taking bribes from consultants in form of paid projects to do at home or ur work will get stuck.
    U want better buildings, better planning get them out. And don’t bring more of these ppl.

  9. TJ

    What the????

    “the country haulted development for 15 years scared of another attack (i.e. iraq)” ????

    SHAL kalam il fathi !

  10. nasser

    whats so amazing is they interviewed workers of different nationality and only 1 fancy pansy native english speaking guy

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