Old Bond Street

This is one of my favorite streets to walk around while in London, it is also one of the most insanely expensive streets in London. The list of expensive boutiques on this street would scare anyone’s savings away. But I just love this street, its so authentic and pure British high end streets, and Europe’s high end luxury jewelry and boutiques. There are a couple of restaurants on the street over which are pretty good, and a couple of good places around the corner to check out. Window shopping at some of these stores would require you to sell your car, but there is always something good to look at. The best part is the walk and taking a look around, then continue to New Bond street which does have some nice stores as well. London is a city that is made for walking, I really do love walking around there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. e7mood

    wala eneeek tefhaaam !!

  2. We had an office on New Bond Street… Very dangerous. Old Bond Street is for ‘propper’ shopping… I love the two-men-statues on the bench. I’m sure you came across them.

  3. Do people still use the phone booth?

  4. Jewaira

    Looks like nice sunny weather

  5. bader al mutawa

    when were these pics taken, recently

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