Women of the World Cup

Just to direct some light to the other participants of the world cup, the essential supporters. Turns out the girlfriends and wives of some of the world cup players are just as fit as their counter parts. Click the link to UrbanDaddy to see the whole set.

This Short List:

  • Ariadne Artiles, girlfriend of Iker Casillas, Spain
  • Sylvie van der Vaart, model, TV presenter and wife of Rafael van der Vaart, Netherlands
  • Charlene Suric, wife of Gael Clichy, France

Link: UrbanDaddy

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  1. RJR

    Am an avid reader of your blog.

    But I wish that you dont post such pictures that I believe degrade your blog’s status in the blogosphere, and empty it from its informative content making it shallow in the sense. The issue is not about conservaty but the issue is about the decency of the content … considering that people of all ages do visit your blog.

    Keep up the great posts, and I hope you delete such deplorable content as this one.

    … i hope you take my words as a brotherly advice and not as a negative note :)

    Thank you.

  2. joker86

    sylvie & ariadne <3

  3. yikez

    There will always be something that someone sees as offensive.


    i love this post!

    note: from the link, prince harry’s ex is so hot :p

  4. sara

    I see this post offensive to me. kefe, ana muslima wl 9wr 7dha tfshl m3a e7trame.

  5. Jewaira

    A nice distraction

  6. hmmm, i wonder if this was offensive post.. how about Haifa Wahbi’s pics in local newspapers, for instance..? or some other Arabian female singers who reveals more of their body parts than the women in this post.. i wonder..

  7. Not Dead Yet

    Keep up the good work and there’s no need to get political, people. If you don’t like this post or if it offends you, just skip it and go to the next post.

  8. Nadia A.J.

    i agree with ‘Kal’ and ‘Not Dead Yet’.. :)
    gurls stop being so jealous appreciate beauty ;)

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