Bower & Wilkins MM1 – Best 2.0 Speakers Period

I’m a firm believer in quality sound from your computer, and usually its a combination of the right sound card with the speakers. In this case I have an excellent Logitech 2.1 Speakers and never found any reason to replace them, and they are still doing their job. Recently hearing the Bowers & Wilkins MM1 Speakers, I was blown away, they are makers of some exquisite speakers, and now they have made the MM1s. The crisp sound quality is fantastic, you can hear the highs and the lows, from music to TV shows and video games. The remote is simple to operate and has all the controls you need. Whats surprising is the amount of base these little guys pack into the small speakers, I have a large subwoofer sitting under my desk and it booms, but these little guys do pack a punch they you wouldn’t need a big subwoofer under your desk. I pretty much watch most of my TV shows and anime at my desk, legs up and sound blasting, I’m happy with the speakers I have but if they weren’t as good as they are, I would go for the MM1s in a heart beat. They are bit pricey at $500 but Bowers & Wilkins make quality products, and they usually last a long time.

Link: Bowers & Wilkins

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  1. Marco Polo

    Sweet, I would love to get one of those, problem is they are only sold in Apple store which doesn’t ship to aramex as I hear.

  2. fadibou

    only problem is their support sux. It took them 35 days to fix a small buzz in my speakers and they sent me back the unit with no power and after 45 days they replaced the unit.

  3. Kuwaity

    Better to buy B&O speakers. Al Fanar mall, ground floor.

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