Aprilia Punches BMW

I love when companies take punches at each other, and since BMW had there S1000RR Ad, Aprilia decided to take a solid punch at BMW. Taking the table cloth magic trick and turning it around, Aprilia view themselves as motorcycle company building true racing machines and the Ad says it all. But I still love both machines, you can’t ever have too many machines to ride!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. When do we see a Kuwaiti version of this?


    Biker boy Marzouq
    Event converage: Brake Banzeen
    Audio Video shoot: The Negative Effect

  2. AK

    Very nice find, But whats a BWW? :D

  3. @Frankom – I hope they do reply! lol

    @Akbar – Now that would be fun! But with this combination it would be destructive! lol

    @AK – hahaha! Thanks! Fixed It!

  4. But to be honest both bikes are really cool


  5. no problem m8, we can get the destruction sponsored, just let me know when ready,got the cutlery,crockery ready for ya!!

  6. Aaaahahahahaha, Marzouq you need to add the Vespa edition as well:

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