Blackberry Curve 9300

Stumbling onto this video at Crackberry is a good sign, I have had my Blackberry Curve 8900 for 1 year and 7 months now, and this thing is falling apart. The trackball is still faithfull and the phone is operating but it can’t read the micro-SD card anymore and hangs every once in a while. I’m surprised it lasted this long after what I put it through, and I have been waiting for Curve update, and here you have it. It will be running the 5.0 OS and now the rumored 6.0 OS which is fine by me. This isn’t a revolutionary phone but an overhaul of the phone to current technology, and I’m happy that they have mostly worked out the kinks in the new OS, so I’m hoping that it will be a smooth operating OS without any issues. The strange part is the guy on the video calling the Curve 8900, the “8500” which is new to me, other then that it looks like a good upgrade to the current phone, I just hope they don’t take too long to release it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i agree!
    my bb curve 8900 is sooo scratched up it looks like it survived world war 2…
    but i just want a simple, similar, user friendly phone..
    hopefully will get this one when its out :D

  2. yousef

    Dude…. move on. Look your Blackberry is almost dead after a year and 7 months. I’ve had the same Sony Ericsson for 3 years with no issues at all. My sister bought a new blackberry and within 1 month was restarting and giving her problems. Everyone I know whose ever owned a Blackberry has complained about issues.
    Why do you deal with that? Why do you deal with a phone that has a high issue rate and a low life expectancy?

    My friend just got an android phone and love it 100% better and wonders why he dealed with all the blackberry issues. Is it because of the BBM, which is just another IM client that has been on phones since the mid 2000s? Come on…

  3. laziale

    Am No fan boy of any Mobile/OS , i use both BB ( for work ) and IPhone 3GS , Believe me after i Jailbreak my 3GS the amount of daily applications and games made the Blackberry message alert and the red light blinking REALLY annoying to me !

    forget about curve bold blond or whatever .My next mobile either iPhone 4 or 2.2 android , am gona just wait and see .

  4. im a fan of both worlds, im using iphone 3gs and BB gemini (which is more than enough for me) for daily phone functionality and messaging BB rules coz of battery life, speakers, mic, and texting, while im using my iphone for my emails, twitter, tethering, news apps, sports apps, a lotta bunch of good apps, which is good for both entertainment (killing time) and business (getting the job done). So, when u combine the 2 techs u got an amazing easy life.

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