Platform Out/Home & Garden In

I was driving in Shuweikh and I was hoping that Abyat would be open early Friday morning, but that wasn’t the case so I was hoping to see if Platform was open only to find it gone, its no longer there. At the front of the lot is the rebranded bathroom selling store, and in the place of Platform is a store called Home & Garden. I’m assuming that it sells more Garden furniture and Gardening Items then most stores, and it seems that hardware stores such as Platform can’t survive on its own. There are specialized stores which sells tools Shuweikh but I’m not totally aware of their locations, as it seems the local contractors don’t buy from places such as Platform which was their target. Abyat took a different route and opted to provide home and office materials and interiors as well as some tools, concentrating more on the materials then the tools which has led to its success in this aspect. I was hoping that platform would continue but it just didn’t survive in Kuwait, lets see what Home & Garden will have in store for us.

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  1. ali alghanim

    they are doing a diy store concept as platform name was franchise and it went
    abyat are expensive i hope this isnt as expensive as reflectins wow its got prices high

  2. Should have visited Platform… Will try to visit the replacement. Maybe after Eid in time to start working more on the garden… It’s too hot these days!

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