iPhone 4 – Vapor 4 Fix

There is no question that the Apple iPhone 4 is a very good looking gadget, but this antenna issue has turned it into a crappy phone. With no real fix from Apple in sight, iPhone owners have to do with the fixes currently out there. This is the hottest fix yet, a aluminum machined case to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly. The iPhone 4 can’t take too many drops or else it will shatter, and reception issues, but with this case there is a lining covering contact between the case and the metal lining of the phone stopping all interference, and it wil protect from all forms of drops and falls. And it doesn’t come cheap at $80 but a cool case and fix for Apple’s antenna issue, looks good.

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. Yes… but…

    Unlike many of my friends, my gadgets are always ‘naked’. No cases, covers nor bloody screen protectors.

    This issue has put me off the iPhone (though not completely yet). I will wait for it to hit the market and ask a few people who use it. If it can’t be naked, I’ll wait for a proper fix.

  2. Bu Yousef – Android is your friend :P

    I know what you mean about this type of fix, but I do like the case, gives it a rugged look!

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  4. this is the best looking case so far. but i hate the idea of buying an accessory just to make my phone run the way it should

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