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Recently I have gone on a little online shopping spree getting a variety of items, from electronics to books. I sent some to Aramex and some to MyUS account, and even from MyUS I shipped some items through FedEx and some through DHL. I basically broke down the shipments to see what would get caught and who would get through.

It seems that people aren’t working in Customs currently because its too hot, so they are leaving the containers outside and still fully packed. All my items arrived in Kuwait but nothing was being delivered, I spoke to Aramex, DHL, and FedEX and they all gave me the same reason, currently nobody is looking at the containers and we have to wait for them to clear it. A day later a few items were cleared such as toys, video games, and print work.

Now what got caught was based on these details:

  • Anything heavier then 10 KG – (Netgear Server)
  • Electronics – (A Shaver)
  • Books – (Comic Book Art & Halo Art)

In Kuwait they are unpredictable and lazy, we have become even worse then Saudi. All the shipping people say its a nightmare to ship to Kuwait when even Saudi is getting more organized then us.

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  1. I went there once myself, and there was about 8 inspectors and many many helpers. Each inspecter is helped by helpers.

    Only ONE inspector was working! The rest were hanging out and chatting and having tea in an office. I had to literally walk in and call an inspector myself, to inspect and clear my package.

    I wish I had taken a photo and sent it in to newspapers.

  2. This is one of the reasons I sstopped ordering from outside!

    and moreover, i stopped going to car inpsection (fa79 fanni)
    i fight with the people there everytime i go :P

  3. that’s soo messed up!
    but do u think the same happens to larger more regular orders?
    say like bringing in speciality mushrooms for a restaurant?
    sorry odd question..
    just interested..
    and a bit weird..?

  4. Kuwaity

    Kuwait became horrible!

  5. Matilda

    Wow, u had to wait 1 day to clear packages. Big deal!!!! LMAO

  6. @MiYaFuSHi – Yeah I have seen that many times! They are sitting there doing nothing! There needs to be an evaluation on how many packages these guys clear!

    @TheStig – Looool! I can never stop ordering from outside!

    @wet knickers – They also would be stuck! And if its food it gets stuck even longer!

    @Kuwaity – Its Sad!

    @Matilda – It seems I wasn’t clear, the packages above are held in customs, last time it took two weeks to clear. The other items that took one day were toys, video games, and print work!

  7. Matilda

    I once had a package that took 1 week to clear with FedEx, yet I didn’t do the same thing you did (complaint publically about delays in customs)…..

  8. I’m getting everything delivered to London, then I will collect it myself (summer holiday) later in July. My ticket (and the 19KD for the extra suitcase) is the same price as using all the forwarders. Well, nearly :)

    Hope you get the rest cleared soon.

  9. @Matilda – If you don’t have any issues with items taking two or three weeks to clear, and you don’t mind your items staying in the sun at Customs thats something else. Most of us care about getting our products on time! A few days to clear customs isn’t an issue, and I’m not just complaining publicly I’m stating exactly why the items got stuck as mentioned above, being more then 10 KG or electronics. You take it as you will or you can ignore it, the choice is simply yours. I prefer to receive my packges on time when I pay for expedited delivery.

    @Bu Yousef – Smart Move! lol! I’m not going anywhere any time soon! So I’m stuck waiting for my deliveries!!

  10. Matilda

    Don’t say “Kuwait people unpredictable and lazy” maybe they are sick and can’t do their job today? How do you know they are lazy? Do you have proof they are DELIBERETLY ignoring packages?

  11. @Matilda – If you have tried clearing your packages yourselves then you would understand what many people are saying, several customs officers sitting behind a desk drinking tea and joking, leaving work at 12, and only one man working with many companies waiting to finish their work and they can’t. Yes I have seen them ignoring packages, and they have lost my packages in Kuwait customs and they won’t take responsibility for it. So when I say that they are lazy, its because I have seen it. If your experience is different then many others at customs then thats great! I hope you continue to have an effecient and great services at customs, well for the rest of us, we are stuck dealing with people sitting behind a desk and rarely doing their work.

  12. Sometimes I wish I to get a job there to finish clearing my packages first lol :P

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