1. S

    Same problems has been occuring to me, i had “irregular transactions” happening and it reached 300.. i dont know if their security is that good since identity theft and fraud occurs alot in the USA. however they were very helpful with closing it and opening a new one.. im just wondering if it would be able to send it to me

  2. fadibou

    maybe because you access using a vpn sometimes. It happened to me many times and its always because i use different vpns.

  3. @S – Identity fraud happens a lot in the states because everyone is online and they don’t take precautions! But the banks are good a checking charges and details such as those!

    @fadibou – I’m the same as you, using multiple vpns, but I think that it is something else. They told me that someone is trying to access my account, so I changed my password to something very difficult that I’m getting confused! lol

  4. yousef

    It’s because you’re using VPNs. The VPN will give you a random IP and when each time you access your account it’s a random IP then of course they’re going to lock your account. To them it looks like you’re accessing your account from different places around the US/world a lot. Once I went into my gmail account with a VPN on and later when I got on it without the VPN it had a giant red bar on the top and said your account was access in France, please confirm this access.

    Stop using VPNs when you want to access important things. Pick a secure password and that’s enough.

  5. S

    i dont know what VPN’s are, so i highly doubt im using them..
    im in kuwait,and all the activity was happening around the US. they closed my card and said they’ll resend me one.. so im waiting to see if thats true

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