Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS

Since I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and I love TomTom products this behind the scenes video is hilarious. TomTom are recording Darth Vader’s voice for directions, imagine hearing the voice of Darth Vader for your directions. And there are some pretty damn funny moments with this recording guy having a tough time with Darth Vader! And TomTom customers will be able to choose from Darth Vader and C-3PO; with Yoda and Han Solo to be available in the upcoming months for $12.95 each.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cool… Roundabound :)

    I just bought TomTom’s new XL IQ for my France/UK business trips.

  2. Hahaha! I wonder if something this epic will ever made after this.

  3. I wonder if they have one for Garmin, I’ve got a scary Dr. Doom voice installed and its really funny when I have someone else in the car and they get shocked :P

  4. LOL, that was awesome. definitely getting it after seeing this

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