ReadyNAS 3200 – At Last


I have had my eye on this product for over a year now and at least I have managed to get my hands on the ultimate NAS Storage, the Netgear ReadyNAS 3200. Complete full redundancy with dual power supply, dual network connectivity, and a very well built system. I have had my ReadyNAS1100 for over two years now and it always felt a little bit lacking in regards to space, and they build very stable systems but a bit slow on the upgrades. When this machine out I was very happy but it was extremely expensive, so I just waited and recently it dropped from $12’000 which is the original price down to about $8900, and I got it for about $7800 after saving for several months and installing my hard drives on my own which makes for a cheaper solution but I had to put it through my own testing. I will go into further details of the machine’s capabilities at a later point. Its not for everyone, and very few people would want something like this but I have been working to get it for 6 months now since its price started dropping a bit and all the reviews and forums kept praising its performance, write/read speeds, and transfer speeds.

System Breakdown:

  • Running X-Raid 2
  • 12 x Western Digital 2TB Enterprise Hard Drives
  • 18 TB available for storage with full redundancy

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ali

    What is it for?

  2. Mabrook… Mashallah, Marzouq, What do you need all this space for? I’m worried about you :)

  3. @Bu Yousef – My family think I’m insane… maybe slightly! For complete back up redundancy mostly! I have been working in the IT field so long Im paranoid about every possible electronic failure and natural disaster! lol

    I already filled up 8 TB and I’m only 70% done with everything that I need to transfer to it!! lol

  4. LOL, 3al baraka, 3o2bal el next upgrade inshalla :)

  5. impressive!

    btw, im having problems with my raid service on my upgraded PC. have you heard of any issues or problems with raid zero over windows 7 ?

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