The Fish House in Singapore

A work of art made by Guz Architects in Singapore, an amazing water front property that incorporates the environment into the design of the house. An amazing landscape for a solar powered house, it has a very fresh and open feel to it. From every room you have an amazing view of the sea, every room looks spacious but I think they need just a little bit more funiture.

I like how they have made a cozy media room in the basement surrounded by the pool in a U-shaped form, but I wonder about the acoustics of the room that has three walls of glass. And I like how they have a lot of fun outdoor areas, the covered area on the ground floor, and the fun spot on the roof.

Link: FreshHomes

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. abeee a waterfront property with a sea view from every room !

  2. The wooden ceiling is genius… May even help with your concern over the acoustics – especially with the slight curve.

    The whole thing looks gorgeous.
    One day :)

  3. God, this is perfect! If a man gets this then he doesn’t need anything else (in my case).

  4. Sultan The Slayer

    what do you mean in your case ?


  6. Wow!!! I wish most people in Kuwait took the time to build their homes with a little thought put into them. We seem to just build massive structures for no reason, without even considering what type of environmental impact they may have (i.e. excessive need of A/C usage, ineffective plumbing, etc.).

  7. ShoSho

    Late comment ? :I why not .

    Guess wut ? I can have this , yeah , BUT ! cuz Im a waman so this house only comes with a MAN . this is how it is :I
    Now why I need the man when I have this house all mine :I , can’t stand the idea of sharing :I

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