Custom Dinobots Combinor “Extinction” Model

I don’t know what these custom builders are up to, first it was Omega Supreme, and now the Dinobots Combinior “Extinction”. Frenzy_rumble, the artist behind this model, put together an idea he had about the Dinobots and created this awesome model. Previously I always just remembered Grimlock and the Dinobots, they were clumsy but they were powerful autobots, not the smartest bunch but you wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. This model is a combined version of all five Dinobot the limbs, Slag, Snarl, Swoop and Sludge, form around their leader, Grimlock, who forms the torso and combine into the massive robot “Extinction.” I love the “DYNO” and “MYTE” on each hand!

In the original fiction, the Dinobots were the Autobot’s wrecking crew. If it was big and needed to be dead in minutes, you’d call for these boys, but unlike other subgroups that came later, one thing these guys couldn’t do was combine into a bigger robot. Customizer frenzy_rumble aims to change all that with this beautiful piece of toy.

Link: Tomopop

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  1. A.Albaz

    Wow! is it for sale?

  2. jnk

    Do they transform ?

  3. jonathan

    wow, this would b 1 of the best lookin toys out there. would most deff buy

  4. jeffery

    Holy crap this thing is amazing. I would Love to buy this if it is ever for sale. Please let me know. Please please please ;)

  5. jeffery

    Lol I also would love if they transformed but it would look just like it does in these pics right next to the rest of my transformers. Sitting there looking all bad-a$$

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