Review: Inception

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a single idea within one’s mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset.

From the Director of Batman Begins and The Dark Night comes Inception, all thought up in Christoper Nolan’s noggin. A very crazy movie that bends your mind and unexpected script with amazing actors, its not what I expected since I didn’t have any expectations going into the movie. Christoper Nolan has came through with another break through again, an unexpected summer blockbuster, I love that the trailers don’t say much, for once some movies are leaving you with space to be surprised, and this movie was exciting to say the least. Its a thrill ride of a movie, its The Matrix meets Oceans Eleven, trying to do the impossible in world where nothing is impossible, and the ending was fantastic, you don’t know the definite ending but you leave excited and satisfied.

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  1. i hated this movie

    leo’s acting was AMAZING

    the cinematography AMAZING
    bs the content!

    NO NO NO

    i never want to dream again!

  2. man !!!! you should rate this movie 5/5

  3. Masoud B

    Movie of the Year

  4. laziale

    i saw imdb rate and it was 9.7/10 ! No movie had this rate before from many users (4000) ! i booked the day it was released here , Yes the cinematography was great , but i would give it 7.5/10 !

  5. Waleed

    Besttttttt moiveee everrrr, I feel like I wanna smoke weed after watching this :D

  6. Q80 In Denver

    one of the smartest movies ever made!

  7. A very good movie, loved it.

    was on the fence between giving it a 4.5 and a 5 due to the obvious twist but went with the 5 just because its Nolan :)

    laziale: The Dark Knight gad a 9.8 rating from 100,000+ 2 years ago when it was released, and that movie was awesome and also directed by Nolan

  8. I read man 5/5 reviews for this movie, it must be quite something, can’t wait to watch it.

  9. John G.

    to me the movie deserves 100/100! Why did you deduct half a point from its score? if you don’t mind me asking :P

  10. fadibou

    I think this movie sucked as a story, it starts and finished with no real purpose or story. They can easily replaces it with documentary on dreams.
    You simply don’t where it starts or where it ends.
    Effects, acting, cinematography was good but the story was so blaaaaaah.
    I wouldn’t ever watch it again.

  11. joker86

    5/5 … 10/10

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