5 Levels of Inception *SPOILER*


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For those who haven’t seen the movie, don’t read this infographic, but if you have then this puts inception into perspective. You have the breakdown of how they deployed the dreams, how they navigated, and that there always has to be someone dreaming it. It takes a pretty creative mind to put this whole script and idea together, Christopher Nolan knew what he was doing, and its a hell of a confusing concept but the infographic helps clears things up.

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  1. Teeman

    Wait.. so Saito was tat old guy in limbo but i thought that was old cob. I dont understand how is that saito ? how did he get stuck in limbo? Holy crap i think i should watch the movie all over again

  2. Amazing movie I loved it! and the who idea of inception is brilliant!

    in reply to teeman;

    Saito was bleeding all the way through the 3 levels of inception and he died on 3rd so Cobb went to find him in Limbo. If you remember when he first got shot, Cobb said that it’s different this time when you die you go to limbo and you stay there till you grow old and die alone because they’ve used sedatives that are too strong and won’t allow you to wake up.

  3. i’m not reading.. i’m not reading

    can’t wait to watch it
    my two most favorite actors

  4. ali

    The blowing up of the elevator and the fortress was not to force a free fall, free fall doesn’t cause a kick. Arthur blew up the elevator because a free fall was in action, he just wanted to counteract it, that’s why he didn’t blow up the room from below cause that would’ve been pointless. As for Eames blowing up the fortress, it was just for the people in limbo to able to get out (even though Ariadne and Fischer jumped off, it would’ve been fine for them not to, but they didn’t know if Eames a kick for them in hand)

  5. Teeman

    Thanks Sonic :) but ive got another thing that i dont quite understand what about in the beginning how was is it that we saw Saito in the same situation as he was in the end, being old having the gun and cobs totem ? id really appreciate you explaining this to me :P

  6. Cobb’s totem was his wife and if you remember correctly the movie said everyone should have their own totem. I think that because he has his wife’s totem the whole movie was actually a dream in his subconscious. Also apparently the totem stopped spinning in the end meaning he was still in his dream (notice children didn’t get older)

  7. fadibou

    but level 1 was a dream too as you can see in the end, so what’s the point of this movie ?

  8. Ahmad

    I think the hotel level and the snow one were dreamed by Fischer, isn’t that right?

    I know the snow one was his dream because they told him they’re going into his lawyer’s dream, but went into his!

  9. xen

    yeah the ending was definitely a dream bcos the images of the kids were the same that he saw earlier, i think the leap of faith that he went for never allowed him to come out of that state of dream! he prolly died in the van accident that fell off the bridge…i can tell that was the only part that was real bcos five mins in that whole lot of time was an hr into the dream…hence the fall took forever while so much happened in the dream! sadly he never got out of it! Before he really died he dreamt of meeting his kids! interesting concept but…way too much confusion!

  10. For computer programmers, this is just a very simple concept called recursive function.

    The only thing you need to decide is whether you want to subscribe to the view that Level 1 was real or a dream – because the director left it as an option for you to decide.

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