A Day @ The Beach

The one thing I have to look forward to every week is getting to the weekend. Since its too hot to go riding or do anything else that involves outdoor activities, water sports is your best option. We have been going to the shalaih every weekend possible, even when its an insanely dusty we still go out and relax their, even bbqing with a little dust in the air.

The last weekend the water so pristine and clear it was amazing, I still think that Kuwait has one of the best water fronts in the world and I love it. The one thing that drives me nuts is people not taking care of the beaches and trash in the water, thats not even taking out the damage our waters have taken due to the government’s neglect and our crappy water treatment plants. That aside I just can’t believe how nice the water was, even when we were a good 700 meters into the ocean you can see clear down. And luckily this weekend the water didn’t feel so hot that you are swimming in soup, it felt normal for once with some cool undercurrents. Wakeboarding is still on the map for me but I haven’t had a chance, we are just enjoying swimming and relaxing as much as possible.

The best thing in the shalaih after swimming to chill, get something to eat, and watch show after show, nonstop until your either done with a season or move on to a movie. Now Ramadan is coming up in this heat, its going to be interesting to see who comes back to Kuwait, and if people still go to the beach, I remember last year we still went to the beach house and got in the water and went wakeboarding, but damn we got thirsty.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Beautiful shots, Marzouq. Our beaches are fantastic and I share your frustration with the littering!

    I love the water in your pics. Is this Bnaider?

  2. @Bu Yousef – Yup this is Bnaider! The middle of it I think or the better half :P

  3. Mohammed

    Those beach shots are amazing, seriously.

    What type of digital camera do you use ? (I would be more than grateful if you could mentione the model as well)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I knew it :)

    One of my favourite beaches in the world – no exaggeration!

  5. if you dont mind, could you give driving instructions regarding which route to take to get there?
    thanks mate!

  6. AyKay

    Man… wish i was there!!

  7. Kuwait has a gorgeous coastline. I just wish people would respect it more and not use it as their garbage dump.

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