StarCraft 2 – Online Download

I was so excited to download the game that I have been waiting all day to come home and click download. I tried predownloading the game, but I got an error stating that it was too early and I can only download from the 27th, so as soon I got home and went to the portal to proceed with the download. Made the payment, clicked all the buttons, filled all the information, and proceeded to purchase. One thing though, I did this all through my VPN, so that it appears I was making the purchase from a US location, I don’t know if that made a difference but I didn’t want any hiccups telling me that the game hasn’t been released in my country yet.

Now it begins, at first it said 3 days but after about 20 minutes, it flew through the list and I got to the download stage. Whats great is that my machine already counted what I had predownloaded a while back so I only had 1 GB left to download, and it wouldn’t be too much longer. I’m going to go through the installer and hopefully I can be playing by the end of the night, I’m not sure when but I want to free myself to play this game fully without any stops, it may not be anytime in the next few days, but Ramadan is around the corner, meaning I get off work early so more gaming time. 6.28 GB of 6.99 GB!


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  1. K.theKuwaiti

    Downloading now .. The game arrived at aramex today. However, I bought a digital code because I don’t think I can wait another two weeks for it to arrive.

  2. @K.theKuwaiti – Fuck the two weeks! I already bought the special edition months ago, I already bought the digital code and downloaded it, been playing it for the past three hours and loving it! Also the kick ass machine is kicking ass! Add me when you DL it!

  3. meh

    I downloaded it a about a week ago (or whenever they said its available to download), and installed and bought it yesterday. You didn’t have to wait till the 27th.

  4. firas1886

    So I guess I am the only idiot who still wants to buy the collector’s edition …

    I cant dare think of buying it from Virgin Kuwait or they would be ripping me off my underpants as well, that is ofc if there are any left when i do get there…

    and aramex will take a long long time… so no idea what to do :(

    Any suggestions?

  5. meh

    Digital copy :)

  6. Downloading now, hope its worth it.

  7. firas1886


    i’m gonna burry underground, somewhere within range of my wireless and am gonna be MIA for the weekend !!! :D :D :D :D

  8. KuwaitiGamer

    Are you sure its available in VirginMega now for 19KD only? I am going to check it out tonight and how about the Collector’s edition is it available?

    thanks in adavace

  9. meh

    19?! Blizzard ripped me off :/

  10. firas1886

    TBH i dont know if they have anymore …

    My friend called me to say that his friend is there (at virgin) and getting 2 copies
    so i yelled at him and told him if i dont get a copy as well i will haunt him for the rest of his life
    so he called his friend and told him to make that 3 copies
    his friend called me saying: those were the last 3, and its only 19 kd.

    So for me, it’s for 19kd and available in virgin, as for if they sold out i have no clue!
    but 19 kd is almost 66$
    where as in europe its selling on the blizz store for 60 euro
    so mayb he got the us version i dunno
    (i hope not bcoz my (wow) account is europe so are all my friends)

  11. firas1886

    ok it seems i just got pwnd :P

    he bought the us version which is 60$ in us …

    Now i gotta wait till virgin gets the eu version and go try to return it and pay extra for that one :P

  12. firas1886

    I just got it, i checked the box, and guess what! right under virgin’s price tag, it says : For use with EU servers ONLY

    I wonder how stupid virgin have to be to put that price tag RIGHT over the version….

    anyways it seems this is from UK directly so the price is somehow equivalent to 60$ and virgin are taking 6$ only for profit
    but I am hoping that virgin kuwait are stupid and getting it for 60 euros and selling it for 66$ muhahahaha

  13. KuwaitiGamer

    I just got the game tyvm firas for posting this really appreciate it, and the Collector’s edition will be available within 2days for 33kd only

  14. mohamed

    gaemes caollictors edition is very good w

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