StarCraft II – Multiplayer – My Epic Fail

I got a few hours of campaign gaming with StarCraft 2, not as much as I would like but enough to be familiar with the Terrans. So I decided to jump into the multiplayer Unranked league, 1v1, which means a practice game against another human player. You get about 50 unranked games before going into ranked games, now I tried reading up as much as possible but in reality nothing prepared me for a multiplayer game.


In very few words:

I got my ass handed to me in 17 minutes and 24 seconds.

I wasn’t expecting to be taken out like that. My opponent was a newbie as well, he had the Protoss and he came in strong, I sent in some troops to scout and I blew up a few things along the way. I felt good about myself, but seems like he was building up his big troops and saving them up to send them out. I wasn’t aware about all that, I was just blissfully happy building up my assists so I can build as many troops I want. So I was hoarding supplies instead following a strategy to destroy the enemy. It is a very erie feeling watching your troops get massacred by huge machines and your based being destroyed and you can’t do anything about it.



  • Build more then one base, and move it to another location
  • Try to get an army together quick
  • Pay attention to your stats
  • Get a little bit more practice with the A.I. before jumping in
  • Famliliarize yourself with your type, in my case the Terrans, before jumping in, I wasn’t full aware of the all the types of troops they had, so I was a bit slow and choosing what to build for attaching purposes
  • Next time I build more defensive structures

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Blizmo

    I don’t jump into multiplayer until i finish single player in any game. Even for PES (winning eleven) :P

    Good luck in your future matches :)

  2. dude i got beaten in less then 8 min …. i did not get to build barraks yet :P

  3. Khaled

    I purchased the digital version from the blizzard site, and I’m still waiting for it to finish downloading! It keeps disconnecting after every 1-2 hours, so I have to restart the download process. Thank God it at least continues from where it stopped.

  4. The game is epic, as for multiplayer, its still early for me to jump into that I know I will be massacred.

  5. Layan

    Im sticking to multiplayer with AI for now coz online I’d be destroyed hehe though I hope I’d last more than 17 mins and 24 secs :)

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