Review: Zotac H55ITX-A-E Core i3 Motherboard

There are a lot of motherboards out there these days, some more powerful then the other. Its really a huge selection of bords chips and ram. I’m always looking for a perfect combination for a Home Theater PC, something just strong enough to play HD video without any glitches and small enough not to look obtrusive next to your tv. To have both strong machine and a small HTPC you need to start off with the mother board, and for this case the Zotac Motherboard was perfect for the job.

The Mini iTX motherboard can fit in any case no matter how small it is, and for a small motherboard it packs a lot of features. Its an Intel Core i3 motherboard, meaning that this little guy can pack a punch, and it has a lot of features. I installed 4GB GSkill Ram which really did the job, I played everything possible on it and it handled it without a hitchYou seriously couldn’t ask any more from such a board, if media playback is your task then this is the best board.


  • HDMI output with Audio output included, unlike other HDMI output Graphics Cards
  • 10 USB slots, how many more could you want
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Small footprint – Mini iTX
  • Plays 1080p, 720p, and BluRay without an issue
  • Very reasonable price

Link: Amazon
Price: $129

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  1. ابتعد عن الماركات الغير معروفة و ان كان فيها مميزات
    ، ان كنت تريد توصيل كمبيوترك بالتلفزيون فهذا ليس له علاقة باللوحة الأم ، هذا يتعلق بكرت الشاشة
    أنصحك ب :
    – msi platinum motherboard
    – transcend rams
    – thermal take power supply 650
    Graphic cards :
    – nvidia gtx 480 with hdmi audio video
    Ati radeon hd 5870 with hdmi audio video

    – thermal take case
    -chillstream gamepad ( قنبلة)

    و الباقي دبر حالك
    ، هذه فقط عوامل أساسية للاستمتاع بجهازك الكمبيوتر و توصيله الئ تلفزيون الدقة العالية
    LCD hd
    راح تتعب بالسعر لكن الجودة تمام ان شاء الله

  2. Sub-80

    Hey that’s a great find. I am looking for wireless-n (not draft) PCI Express x1,if you know any?
    I am building a pc this moment. I was aiming for a home theater pc but ended up building mid tower. (habit of mine to aim for something and end up giving in to temptation for that’s a bit better, which in reality is an overkill) So ended building mid range gaming pc.
    My pc specs:
    -i7 875k 2.9->3.6(turbo boost) and unlocked for overclocking
    -Asus p7h57d-v evo
    -gtx 460
    -2x4gb gskil

  3. Sub-80

    This is a great find. Iam looking for wireless-n (not draft), know any?
    I myself am building a pc. Was aiming for hometheater pc like you but with my habit of mine always a bit better which all together is an overkill, so ended up building mid range pc.
    -i7 875k 2.6->3.6(turbo boost) and unlocked perfect for overclocking
    -thermaltake spin q vt (fan and heatsink)
    -Asus P7H57D-V EVO great integrated sound card and has USB 3.0
    -G Skill 2x4Gb 1333MHz
    -LG blu-ray
    -thermaltake M9 chassis
    -Power supply 500 watts
    Which am going to take to Europe with me, it’s going to kill me with electric bill!

  4. Excellent HTPC motherboard, I was looking for one a while back to build my own HTPC and to do my own MAME box but couldnt find a decent motherboard. This could be it.

    bofawzi/Sub-80: this is a mini ITX motherboard not a full sized motherboard, so no power supply nor i7 processor. This is a great board for what it does. And Zotac are one of the premier companies in the mini ITX field.

  5. Sub-80

    i3 to play 1080p HDD movies? I don’t know
    Yeah, your probably right, since you have a HDMI output you don’t need to transcode nor encode movies! Great find, I might also build another pc for the living room, thanks.

  6. Sub-80

    To N

    I checked the specs and offcourse it requires a power supply, depending on your purpose it’s propably going to require a low power supply.

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